About Us.

About Us.

My name is Paster sameer shazad. Thank you Lord that God use him. There work hlory of God,There vision and God select me.I going To here people.who is sick,and confuse Her
life. Spake lord me, Ture work of God all people freedom in faith of Jesus, because Jesus saying Lord All confused people Blessed are Those who mourn for They will be confortel, (Metten),and shall came To pass That before They call I will here,(Isaiah),and God when There life change and They need be ptizd in The name of Jesus Holy spirit,God blessing

This is my persnal. I says you Iam when before Enter in God,my life is very bad time,

I was not pray not going was church nit listen massage saying in Bible.One day Afternoon time maximum 2 pm.Iwas sleepA angle come, in and caught My arms and He say me,you Awake
up,you go for peraching of Jesus says word.I share this my wife.I Talk my wife Jesus says me you perachin my word but,I have not think what is this?

My wife guide me,so me and wife going to people and preaching.The word of God, and God chaining my life and All peoplelife who God give I ,word of listene.The people I go door
to door in people Houese, because Him not have palace of church you.

You All people pray for me That God provided proses.God give me a mission I prmote all poor prople pray for sick people and every one people happy in this life.God word in my hart.I Trust in the name of Jesus.

He All possible, There All preaching work,(Ameen)